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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Way to Choose a Best Dentist

Figuring out how to locate a decent dental specialist is an imperative piece of any individual’s choice to shield his teeth from rot. This may sound simple however in actuality; it could be harder than what the vast majority of us think. When you have an extraordinary pro to help you with some dental concerns, your level of nervousness or trepidation will diminish significantly if not thoroughly vanish.

The primary individuals to talk with in regards to this worry are your family, companions and colleagues. Just ask them whether there is an expert they can prescribe. On the off chance that anybody among them gives you a suggestion get some information about the purpose for their proposal. This ought to concentrate on the abilities of the master.

You can likewise do your dental practitioner seek on the web. Secure a rundown of dental facilities in your territory. Get their contact data and make a few requests through the telephone. Watch how they handle questions from potential customers. An extraordinary pro is not just professionally gifted. He should likewise have the capacity to interface with the customers decidedly and offer the same state of mind with his associates or orderlies.

Discovering a decent dental practitioner will do a great deal to decrease the fear of getting your teeth checked for rot. Here are few tips on the best way to locate a decent dental specialist.

  • One of the most evident things to do is to ask family, friends or work associates if there is a dental specialist in Gurgaon that they can prescribe. On the off chance that they can’t offer you, some assistance with trying going online and looking at any neighborhood websites. You may have the capacity to get some great data on how a specific dental surgery works.
  • In the event that you can’t discover a referral for a dental specialist through any dental clinic in Gurgaon, make a telephone enquiry and perceive how the staff answers your inquiries. Are they well disposed and expert. Shockingly the absolute best dental specialists regularly have long holding up records. In the event that you are in genuine torment you may have the capacity to get a referral to a crisis dental practice so ensure you inquire as to whether one is accessible in your general vicinity.
  • In the event that your just choice is to trial a dental surgery through a dental clinic in south delhi, make an arrangement and perceive how it goes from that point. When you are in the gathering zone, see the format and cleanliness and give careful consideration to how you are dealt with by the staff.

Types Treatments with the Invisible Braces

Teeth are an integral part of the face. A toothless child may look cute but once it turns an year old, parents get curious when the child does not teeth as it is high time. Adding finer look to one’s face and also powering their smile, the shiny tooth have their own mesmerizing looks. But not all are blessed with such naturally looking aligned teeth. For some it can look crowded, for some the space gap could be too high and for some the teeth could be placed criss-cross. With plenty of cosmetic treatments available one can try the different aligners to get their tooth in place and flash a white smile. Here in this page you will get a clear idea about several facts associated with these braces in detail:

When does one need them?

One can hardly hear someone say that they want to wear braces for style. These are only worn for making teeth properly aligned resulting in a beautiful and confident smile. Braces help in orthodontic treatment where the jaw is perfect but the teeth are not placed properly that reduces the brilliance of the face. For example, when instead of 32 regular teeth if one has more in the same gap this overcrowding of teeth gives an unattractive look on the person. Similarly, the reverse situation makes the smile look bad as one can see clear gap between the teeth. For those who are suffering from overbite, overjet or crooked teeth problems also, orthodontists suggest these invisible or clear braces which can be fit on the front or back of the teeth without any notice to get the maximum results.

What are the types available?

Orthodontic braces come in three types namely the ceramic braces, inside braces or clear aligners. The ceramic ones are the traditional ones which have metal brackets that are wired in between. The second category is the inside braces that are fitted behind the teeth and hidden from other’s view. Those who are conscious of their looks can use these braces. The third category is the clear aligner that is custom fit on the teeth that are irritation free, minimally invasive and resistant to breakage. Also one will not experience any speech trouble with these braces. The dentist evaluates the patient and decides what kind of braces will fit perfectly on him or her and suggest the same for quick results.

These invisible braces are similar to the traditional braces but their usages are based on the orthodontic treatment’s cost. The patient decides to opt for the traditional ones or invisible ones as per their budget and preference. Once the doctor finalizes the treatment and the duration of the treatment, these dentures are ordered specifically and designed in such a way that they are custom fit on the teeth of the patient to give maximized results in minimal time.

Facts About Teeth and Dental Health

Dental care is a significant aspect of your overall health and well-being. For ideal dental health, it’s important to not only indulge in healthy dental practices and adopt good oral hygiene habits, but also know about your teeth and how your behaviours affect them. While you are familiar with common dental problems like tooth pain, cavities, gum disease, sensitivity and tooth infection, knowing some general facts concerning your dental and oral health can help you take better care and maintain a long-lasting smile on your face.

Without further ado, here are a few things (facts) you need to know about your teeth.
  • Enamel, the outermost layer of your teeth, is the hardest part in your body. However, acidic foods and drinks like orange juice, soft drink and wine can cause acid wear, which gradually softens the enamel. Unlike skin, your teeth can’t regrow, and thus it is important to take extreme care of your enamel and prevent any damage.
  • It is not just sugar that can affect your dental health, but sour foods like candy, soft drinks, fruit juices and other low-pH or acidic foods can cause enamel erosion, softening your teeth and diminishing the size.
  • Yellows indicates decay. If your teeth appear yellow and are sore, you possibly have decay.
  • While most people are born with 28- 32 teeth, some don’t develop their permanent teeth even over time. Added to that, wisdom teeth are the most common to be missing.
  • You must have heard that fluoride prevent cavities and promotes dental health. But, high concentrations of fluoride can take its toll on young children with their permanent teeth developing under the gums. The condition caused is called fluorosis, and results in tooth discoloration, initially white and eventually brown, and surface irregularities.
  • Plaque, the constantly growing white or pale yellow layer, causes tooth decay. If not quelled with regular brushing and flossing, it can harden and develop into tarter.
  • Your mouth is home to 200 to 300 bacterial species, among which Streptococcus mutants is the major contributor to dental caries. It splits the sucrose in your food and produces acids that undermine your teeth.
  • No doubt, braces can beautify your smile and improve your health. However, poor care of braces doesn’t take much time to damage enamel. When you don’t brush well after eating, food, bacteria and acids get lodged around braces causing decay and cavities eventually.

Pediatric Dentist for Child’s Dental Care

Children are not always patient and cooperative during a dental exam. A pediatric dentist knows how to provide the dental treatment to them in the most comfortable manner. In addition, the specialist uses peculiarly designed equipments to lure the kids, and divert their mind. He can offer an assortment of aiding options to care for your child’s teeth, gums, and mouth. Bellevue pediatric dentistry creates a positive and comfortable atmosphere for children throughout their visit. His different dental services include:

1. Bonding: Bellevue pediatric dentist can offer numerous benefits to you with the bonding services including:

  • Repairs cracked or small chipped tooth
  • Cosmetic improvements
  • Improves the look of discolored teeth
  • Closes minor spaces between teeth
  • Changes the color and shape of teeth
  • Makes teeth look longer
  • Lightens stains
  • Fillings
  • Corrects mild crooked teeth to a certain degree
  • Protects a portion of the tooth’s root that has been exposed when gums recede

2. Dental Implants: Implants are the devices that can replace the lost teeth roots,and can support bridges, crowns, or dentures. It can immediate, conventional, and immediate loads implants. Children have to undergo this treatment only in case they lose their tooth in an accident otherwise older people usually need this treatment.

3. Dental Crown: It is done for different reasons including:

  • Tooth restoration to its original shape
  • Strengthening of a weak tooth
  • To improve the look of a tooth

A Bellevue pediatric dentist can provide metal (Gold, PFM, and CAPTEK)and metal-free crown ( Procera, Procera Alumina, CERCON, IPS Empress, 3M LAVA, ZIRCON, and Cergogold ) to the kids.

4. Dental Porcelain Veneers: The doctors can provide the following types of laminations including IPS Empress, Extreme Porcelain thin, Procera, and Composite Resin Veneers. Dental veneers are customized tooth shells like ceramic material, which is applied over the tooth surface to hide the worn enamel, uneven alignment, spacing and crack tooth. It comes under the cosmetic dentistry category as they create white and perfectly aligned teeth.

5. Orthodontics: It includes traditional, invisible, lingual, viazi braces for the proper alignment of the teeth or to reduce the spaces between them.

6. Tooth Whitening Treatment: Tetracycline antibiotics can cause yellow or stained teeth to the children. If a pregnant woman takes these antibiotics during the second half of pregnancy, it can affect the child’s teeth. Also, children who are 8 years old or younger can develop yellow or stained teeth. The dentists use power and gradual bleaching for the treatment.

7. Gum Disease: Gum disease is an inflammatory disease of the gums and the surrounding tissue around the teeth. Its treatment includes scaling , root planing, antibiotics, periodontal scaling, splinting, and bite correction.